RRB Je/SSE Postal study course

RRB Je/SSE examination is different from other Jen/Aen examination therefore keeping it in mind engineering masters prepare a postal study material for Aspirants preparing for RRB Je/SSE. This postal study material course is useful for those students who are not able to join our RRB je/SSE Classroom coaching program or those who wants to do self study. We put our all efforts to make study material error free and the study material is prepared in the site of RRB jen/SSE Coaching experts and professionals.

Lets check out the pattern of Railway je/SSE examination

Lets check key features of Railway study material

• 5 to 7 numbers of booklets including technical and nontechnical portion
• Paper practice book according to latest pattern of RRB Je/SSE Examination
• Non technical material is available in both Hindi and English medium (student has to choose in which medium he need the study material)

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How to prepare for RRB Jen/SSE examination

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