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 April 30, 2018    Posted By : Engineering Masters

There are lots of articles and blogs on do’s and don’t’s before the gate Mechanical exam.but at engineering masters,we believe to provide you an extra edge in your preparation. We solicited the advice of Mr.Vikram singh Air 20 in GATE exam.

GATE ME  AIR 20- interview

Engineering Masters (EM): congratulations for your Performance in GATE ME exam.Thank you for doing interview with us.

EM: What was the most useful preparation trick according to you?

VS: Formula book prepared by me. I created a formula book of all relevant formula and going through it again & again. In GATE Exam You are tested on formula based questions, speacially in fill in the blanks type questions.

EM: is it enough to prepare a formula book and go through it again and again?

VS: well it’s not enough to preapar a formula book only you have to practice number of questions for a particular formula.

EM: any other strategies followed by you during the exam?

VS: well strategies very for person to person. Some people go through the entire paper from start to end, some use different technique, my technique is solve easy questions and 1 marks questions first and then go for 2nd marks questions. You will surely get time at the end of the paper to review the paper. So know at the back of your mind that you have time, and there is no need to get tense about questions you aren’t able to solve or aren’t sure about.

Last minute preparation Tips –Tips by Toppers?

EM: How about last 15 days exam preparation strategies?

VS:In last days of my GATE exam preparation I prefer to go though the notes prepared by me no extra subject and no stress, revise my formula book again and again.

EM: what about previous year gate exam papers would you go through them?

VS: Absolutely it is a good idea you should go through more and more through previous year papers so that you have a good idea about GATE exam. I regret that I didn’t get enough time to go through more papers. My rank might be higher than this.

EM: Thank you so much vikram, on behalf of Engineering Masters and the students.

VS: you are most welcome. I wish all the student best of luck for their gate 2019 exam.

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