Strength of material important subjects for SSC je Mechanical


 October 20, 2017    Posted By : Engineering Masters

Strength of material important subjects for ssc je Mechanical

By engineering masters ssc je coaching in jaipur

Many of ssc je mechanical aspirants always has a question in their mind that what are the important subject for ssc je mechanical pre exam even engineering masters ssc je coaching jaipur  students also have these questions in their mind therefore we engineering masters jen coaching jaipur decided to write an article on this subject and after spending marathon hours on this we are writing this article for ssc je aspirants

First of all we will tell you the important subjects ask in ssc je mechanical exam

Following are the list of subjects prepared by engineering ssc je coaching jaipur R& D teams based on previous year question paper analysis

1.       Production and Manufacturing – around 25- 30 questions asked every year

2.       Strength of material -   13 to 16 questions

3.       Fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines - 13 to 16 questions

4.       Basic thermodynamics and i.c engine - 20 to 25

5.       Theory of machine – 10 to 12

Now because our today article is about strength of material therefore we will discuss what the important chapters are that is asked from strength of material prepared by our ssc je coaching jaipur expert faculties

1.       Stress and strain

2.       Shear force diagram and bending moment diagram

3.       Bending stress in beams

4.       Column and struss

5.       Torsion of shaft

Here is the type of question asked from strength of material prepared by engineering masters’ ssc je coaching jaipur experts

Chapter stress and strain

1.       Ratio of shear stress to strain is equal to

2.       Relation between E,K and u

3.       Relation between k,u and G

4.       Question on hooks law

5.       One linear numerical on hook law

Chapter SFD and BMD

1.       SFD & BMD diagrams for standard beams

2.       Relation between bending moment and shear force

3.       Questions on contra flexure point

4.       Question on overhanging beam

Chapter bending stress in beams

1.       Simple questions on bending stress diagrams and formula of standard formula

2.       One liner numerical on bending stress formula

 Chapter column and combined direct stress in beams

1.       Formula based question on column

2.       Formula based questions on middle third and middle fourth rule

3.       Theoretical questions on slenderness ratio

Chapter Torsion of shafts

1.       All theoretical questions

Although before writing this article a detail R &D has been done by engineering masters ssc je coaching jaipur Team however if there is any mistaken then please mention it in comment section

We will update it


Best of luck for your ssc je exam 2017


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