Preparation strategy for ssc je 2018

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 April 20, 2018    Posted By : Engineering Masters

Preparation strategy & Tips for SSC Je 2018

As per the result of ssc je pre result of 2017 its very clear that cut off of ssc je pre exam increases exponentially every year therefore aspirants need a solid full proof plan to clear ssc je exam.

Lets us now look over ssc je strategy & Tips of ssc je 2018 exam

1. Go through the syllabus of ssc je of relevant subject:- Go through the syllabus of relevant branch and understand the importance of each subject that carry weightage.

2.Allocate Time wisely to each section:- you have to given 120 minutes to solve out 200 questions out of which 100 section of reasoning and GK and 100 questions of Technical core subject.therfore try to solve the reasoning and GK section in 50 minutes so that you can very well attempt the Technical core section.

3. Strategy to solve Technical paper: you can divide your technical paper into 2 parts one is numerical based and one is theory based. According to our analysis 80 questions are theoretical and 20 questions are of numerical. Since the theoretical questions are based on fact based & you will either know the answer or won’t you can solve them easily in seconds. While practicing mock tests, make sure you follow this approach constantly to get well used to it for your SSC JE exam

4. Strategy to improve Marks by taking ssc je mock tests:- when taking the ssc je mock test your goal should be to optimize time accordingly difficulty level and complexity level of questions. Proper analysis of ssc je mock test require you to figure out the time to that you spend on each questions.

5. Mistake that stops you from improving:- while solving the mock test, analysing the solutions questions wise and moving on to solve another mock test teaches you how to solve  tricky questions. You need to learn how how to solve all types of questions. Therefore,start with problems that you find time consuming.

We hope that these Tips for SSC JE 2018 exam help you improve and ace the SSC JE exam.

Best of luck for your ssc je exam

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