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One linear questions of BMC Civil Engineering

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 April 30, 2018    Posted By : Engineering Masters

Below mention questions are expected questiosn of BMC for RPSC Aen,SSC Jen and GATE exam 

One liner questions on Building material and concrete

  1. Cement is binding material in mortar
  2. Di calcium silicate provide ultimate strength to cement
  3. Elastomers can extended up to 10 times to original dimension
  4. Bitumin felt is used for water proofing, damp proofing material.
  5. Tricalcium aluminate compound is quickest compound to react with water in cement.
  6. The initial setting time of Pozzolona cement is 120 minutes.
  7. The clay to be used for manufacturing bricks for a large project is dugout and allowed to weather throughout the monsoon.
  8. The rocks which are formed due to cooling of magma at a considerable depth from earth's surface are called plutonic rock.
  9. Quartizite is silicious rock.
  10. The variety of pig iron used for manufacture of wrought iron, is White forge pig
  11. Sand stone is sedimentary rock
  12. Stainless steel contains 18% of chromium and 8% nickel.
  13. Wrought iron contains 0.1% to 0.25% carbon content.
  14. Main constituent of fly ash is aluminium oxide, silica and ferrous oxide.
  15. Bitumin in solid state is called asphalt, in semi fluid state is called mineral tar, in fluid state is called petroleum.
  16. Plastics made from cellulose resin are clear as glass, tough and strong, and posses’ excellent electrical properties.
  17. Kaolin is chemically classified as argillaceous rock.
  18. Due to attack of dry rot the timber is reduces to powder
  19. Brittleness of cold due to an excess of phosphrous.
  20. Asbestos cement is brittle,wraps due to changes in humidity,strength is lowered when saturated by water.
  21. The rocks formed by gradual deposition are called sedimentary rocks.
  22. To prepare porcelains the clay should be sufficiently pure, should have high degree of tenacity and should have good plasticity.
  23. Polymerization improves strength,rigidity, and elasticity.
  24. Good quality stone must be durable,free from clay, resist action of acids.
  25. Sewer pipes are made of stone wars
  26. Varnish is a transparent or semi-transparent solution of resinuous substances in,alcohol,linseed,turpentine.
  27. Initial setting time of cement for asbestos cement products should be not less than 90 mintues.
  28. The variety of pig iron used for the manufacture of steel by Bessemer process, is Bessemer pig
  29. For melting one tonne of cast iron 20 kg limestone,one quintal coke, and 700 m3  air is required.
  30. Vanadium steel is generally used to prepare axles and springs.