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How to prepare SOM for Jen/Aen Examination

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 May 17, 2018    Posted By : Engineering Masters

How to prepare Strength of material for Jen/Aen exam

SOM (strength of material) is an important subject for jen/Aen competitive exam point of view for mechanical and civil engineering. Every objective competitive Jen and Aen examination contains at least 12 to 13 questions from this subject. Secondly this subject is backbone of structure part of civil engineering and machine design for Mechanical engineering. So we can understand easily how important the subject is

Now come to the point what are the important topics from strength of material

  1. Stress & strain
  2. Shear force diagram and bending moment diagram
  3. Torsion of shaft
  4. Bending stress in beams
  5. Columns


Above mention topics are some important topics of strength of material. These above mentioned topic have 70% weight age of total numbers of questions from som. Questions asked based on concept or we can say 60% questions are based on theory and 40% questions are conceptual one linear type numerical.

Books preferred for Strength of material for Jen/Aen exam preparation


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