Expert strategies and Time management Tips for GATE 2019

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 April 29, 2018    Posted By : Engineering Masters

Understand the types of questions:

the questions in gate examination is mainly depends on 3 topics Aptitude, technical and engineering maths but the best way is to categorize the questions is by the marks they carry 1 marks questions you can solve them very quickly.

Questions who carry 2 marks if you have gone through gate mock test then you should be familiar with the difficulty level of 2 marks question. These questions require more time then 1 marks questions as they are little bit tricky.

How to divide your time according to types of questions:

If you are doing well in gate mock tests and are well confident that you can cross the cut off then you should start directly with 2 marks questions and top of that if you are good in technical then you should definitely go for 2 marks technical questions. To score maximum in gate exam your approach should depend on your preparation level in exam. Therefore you can adopt following 2 strategies.

1st strategy: if you are good in numerical ability and your concepts are fairly good then your approach should be like in this way

1. General Aptitude    →     30 minutes (minus 5 minutes that go in switching between questions)
2. Technical               →     2 hours (minus 10-15 minutes that go in switching between questions)
3. Engineering Mathematics →     30 minutes (minus 5 minutes that go in switching between questions)

2nd Strategy:-

If you find yourself struggling yourself to make a decent score in the mock tests then your first aim is to clear the cutoff of gate exam. In order to do so you should first attempt the Reasoning and aptitude section and try to solve all questions accurately,even you required extra time in this section then give your time because this section going to help you to clear your cut-off in GATE examination.

If you are good in maths then move on to engineering maths,attempt the questions of mark 1 and then attempt the questions of 1 mark of technical section. And in last go for 2 marks questions.

Things to Keep in mind for Numerical Answer Questions

Around 30 questions of GATE exam do not have any options. You have to find out the answer (real number) and write it into the blank space by using mouse and virtual keyboard.Remember to mention the unit at the end of each answer. Also, the numerical answer questions do not have any negative marking. So do not hesitate to attempt them if you have the time.


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